Baye is built upon a foundation of consciously sourced materials, transparency in our supply chain, and a heritage of artistry. With a focus on versatility and built-in longevity, our knitwear is expertly crafted from certified organic cottons, merino blends & recycled fibers.

From the first stitch to the final press our garments are made to order in our workshop by an exceptional team of experienced artisans. Nestled in the coastal village of Kilcar in County Donegal, Ireland, we are proud of our long-standing history of knitwear innovation. Our garments are developed with the positive intent to create relaxed, sophisticated everyday-wear full of character and creativity.  


Baye is a story of craft, the artisans at its core and an exploration of a purposeful path to the future of making. The brand was born out of the desire to create eco-kind knitwear to clothe a new wave of changemakers. Moved by the enthusiasm, empathy and integrity of a new generation, Baye is a response to the seismic shift in priorities and values across our global community. It is Irish, design-led knitwear that embodies a new aesthetic whilst respecting sustainability and heritage.

Baye is a knitwear brand offering heritage stitches in modern silhouettes with a diverse colour palette.